Murray Douglas

Originally from the beautiful city of Edinburgh, I left Scotland in 2002 and backpacked my way around various countries including Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Laos until I eventually found myself settling for a while in Wellington, New Zealand.

After three years working behind the camera in the Wellington audio visual industry where I was fortunate to work on various Hollywood movies such as the World Premiere of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and King Kong, I decided it was time to work my way to a position where I could be in front of the camera and pursue my dream of being an actor while still maintaining my love of photography and other artful and technical pursuits.

In 2006 I moved to Auckland with my wonderful wife and spent 9 years there (including having children!).

In 2015 We moved again!

Now we are located in beautiful Nova Scotia on Canada's Atlantic coast. I'm building a large portfolio of photography as well as pursuing my acting career whilst at the same time working as a techy guy and raising kids. I'm pretty busy.

Murray TC Douglas