Not for Children Movie (2013)

Not for Children: A New Zealand International Action Film.
Directed by Richard Long.

Within a matter of weeks, the Arab Spring takes hold in Libya, a breach of security at a Dutch medical research laboratory has the worlds security agencies on high alert as they also discover one of their senior Biochemists (Fisk) has disappeared along with a secure G.O.D-box containing the newly developed bird flu pathogen.

Birdy meets with his Russian FSB counter-part, Frank discovers the fate of Ash Meeri and goes head on with Madora's South African diamond smugglers. Documents found in the tribal region of Afghanistan and Pakistan show blood diamonds are feeding not only European terror cells - but the insurgent's summer offensive.

Euro-Pol and the CIA find their hands full with a terrorist attack in Belgium and the search for Fisk. Miami drug leader fears his wife and child have been kidnapped by a Mexican cartel. While an Eastern-bloc gang steps up trafficking young women into the black market world of slavery and prostitution.

The global security agencies work around the clock to hear beyond the back-ground noise.

Warning: Nudity, Swear Words and Scotsmen.

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