Oh look, another Snowstorm!

Another amazing morning after quite a few more centimeters of snow blanketed the area last night. In fact, at time of writing, the snow is still coming down. 

Halifax is running out of space to dump the snow! 

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Hollis Street, 16th February 2017. 

Downtown Halifax seems abandoned this morning... 

Pedestrians and buses struggle

Snowstorm Aftermath, Halifax Nova Scotia.

It was an interesting commute to work this morning, the closer I got to the city, the less space there was for all this snow! With another snowstorm on the way this evening, this could be another challenging week for the city clean up crews, not to mention how on earth I'm going to shovel our driveway! 

Stay safe out there folks and don't rush...

Snow piled by the sidewalks in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Not too bad for now but with another storm on the way... 

Nova Scotia Blizzard. Feb 2017

I'm typing this hoping that the power doesn't go out again. This afternoon we lost power for two hours and we immediately started to block up the windows with bedsheets with the prospect of spending the night in an unheated house with a raging blizzard going on outside.

This is life in Canada I guess and especially Nova Scotia, where although the winters don't seem to be as harsh and certainly not as cold as much of Canada, things can change and change fast. 

At least I got two snow days out of this, however I'll need them to dig us out!

View from our living room. That is one really high snowbank.

Very Pretty up close.

Backdoor blocked with snow.

Very pretty snowdrift on the porch

Lawrencetown Beach in Winter. Frozen Rocks
I had to take the long way home today and stop in at Lawrencetown Beach once I saw this sight. These ice formations over the rocks absolutely fascinate me. Like an alien landscape, both bitter cold and beautiful at the same time. Nova Scotia never dissapoints this photographer.

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Featured Photo

Featured Photo
Lawrencetown Beach Ice.