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Best Webcam for YouTube

Well, I did a lot of webcam research and since I'm (1) Scottish and don't want to spend too much money and (B) an AudioVisual/Techy dude of many years, I wanted to find the absolute best webcam I could find for around $100.

Basically I was looking for

1. Full HD 1080p
2. Around $100
3. Great in low light conditions
4. Quick autofocus
5. Little to no compression noise

That's it!

About a month ago I bought the Logitech C920 (Canada Amazon link) and so far I've recorded about 15 videos in various lighting conditions and it has performed superbly. Go check it out!

Springtime... I think

A gorgeous morning in Halifax today, with a light snowfall last night (maybe only 2cm) and a beautiful sunrise it was the perfect winter (or spring?) morning. I was a bit early for work, so naturally I had to stop by the park in Africville (one of my favourite photo spots) and get a shot of the McKay Bridge as the sun came up behind it.

Blue Yeti Microphone

So I recently started a new venture which includes voice over acting and a YouTube channel. Both of these required a new piece of equipment, a microphone.
Obviously there's millions of microphones out there but I needed something affordable, robust, low noise and I also needed Stereo! Which means I actually had to get two microphones or a device with inbuilt left and right sides.
After many hours of research I came across a company called Blue. I'm familiar with this company due to their snowball microphone which I use at work. It's a really great low noise usb microphone, perfect for video conferencing. Back to the stereo requirement though, Blue also make a microphone called the Yeti. The Blue Yeti seems to be the Microphone of choice for lots of YouTubers and I can see why, it's metal, heavy, solid, stereo and USB. Also it has a great look, reminiscent of the old microphones you'd see in the 1950's. The only problem I've had with this mic, is that…

Adsense is so confusing!

So I've been using Google Adsense for years, but when I moved from New Zealand to Canada, I had to close my AdSense New Zealand account and open a Canadian one since you are not allowed to move an account from one country to another.

No problem. Done.

Then I set up my new account and got stuck. I stupidly added my YouTube channel as a site and it made the process get stuck in review for weeks. AdSense wanted me to add the code into the HTML of my site. My YouTube site! So I'm scratching my head, I check all the forums and I get a reply saying the only way to fix this is to cancel your AdSense account, forfeit the existing earnings and open a new one.

So, I've just done that. Under a new Gmail/Google address. But now I seem to have 2 x new AdSense accounts (pending review) one with my old email login and one with my new email login!

I am so confused!!

AdSense only allows one account per individual, that's cool. So since I have a new AdSense account being reviewed under …

Robie Street, Halifax

So, pretty. The seasonal change is one of the reasons we moved away from New Zealand and back to the Northern Hemisphere. Many Canadians complain about winter, others have learned to not only prepare for it and appreciate it, but genuinely love it. I'm one of them!

Is God calling me?

Up this driveway? Sure seems like it. Sun rays kiss the snow and parks itself perfectly at the top of this driveway.

Sunrise, Nova Scotia. Porters

I have lived in 4 countries and traveled dozens more, but I honestly think Nova Scotia is where the best sunrises are at. It could possibly be something to do with the fact that we finally have a house that can actually see them of course, but nonetheless, Nova Scotia remains a photographers paradise.

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